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Horror Puzzles

  I recently began taking iconic images from classic horror movies and turning them into jigsaw puzzles. You can order them at Here are a handful of designs…

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Get cast on Big Brother

It’s that time of year again…Big Brother casting! CLICK HERE to check out the 6-part article that I wrote for Big Brother network on my 100% sure-fire guaranteed method** to get cast on the show if you’re just a regular

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Matt Returns to “Rob Has A Podcast” LIVE!

Arguably, Matt’s best appearances tend to be with “Survivor” legend Rob Cesternino…and this most recent stint does not disappoint. Matt was recently on Rob’s show to talk about “Celebrity Apprentice” among other things (like creeping on your babysitter and the joys of boobs in your face during haircuts). Entertainment suitable for the whole family! Continue reading

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Horror Movie Jigsaw Puzzles!

I’ve decided to dabble in the untapped market of horror-themed jigsaw puzzles…Check out my shop at, and please support by purchasing one for yourself, a loved one, or a mortal enemy!

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Well-Deserved Accolades

My segment about male nudity on my “Hangover 2″ podcast with Survivor’s Rob Cesternino has earned a spot on the “Best of 2011″!  CLICK HERE to download the segment, and be sure to check out for the full original

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Popping in!

Yes, I’m still alive!  And now I’m a relationship expert.  Or failure.  whatever.  Either way, just had me on their latest episode – CHECK IT OUT!

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Proving once again that I am the king of useless talents that get you nowhere in life, here is a collection of pumpkins that I have carved over the years during the Halloween season…

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Every year since 2005 I have hosted an annual Halloween party, appropriately titled “Hoff-O-Ween”.  Being that it is my favorite time of year, I like to go balls-out with the decorating.   Continue reading

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Dr. Bernardi Costume

For 2011’s Hoff-O-Ween, I decided to attempt to make myself up as Dr. Bernardi – one of the most iconic characters from the old black-and-white “Twilight Zone” television series. Here are a couple pre-makeup test shots as well as the

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“Big Brother” Season With The Gremlin!

It’s a busy time of year for the Gremlin!  Here’s where you’ll find me: – Hosting a LIVE web show (with fan chat and past “Big Brother” houseguests) every Monday at 6pm CDT! Joker’s BlogTalk – Co-hosting a LIVE

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BB13 Refuels The Flame

It’s “Big Brother” season again!  Be sure to follow my show on RTVZone, “Live From The Gremlin Cave“, featuring tons of past “Big Brother” houseguests. Also, Darren Franich at Entertainment Weekly wrote a very insightful article regarding yours truly that

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What ‘Dynamic Duos’ Should Return to ‘Big Brother’ This Season?

It’s unfortunate that Darren Franich at “Entertainment Weekly” wasn’t involved in the casting process for Season 13 of “Big Brother”, because he’s hit the nail on the head with this one. Continue reading

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The All Hangover 2 Podcast with Matt Hoffman

The Hangover 2 is the number 1 movie in the country after making more than 117 million dollars over the Memorial Day weekend. Survivor’s Rob Cesternino is joined by Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12 to talk about all things Hangover. Continue reading

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Matt on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio!

Matt (who is a long-time dedicated Howard Stern fan) had the recent luxury of being a guest live on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio in New York City on the Howard Stern Superfan Roundtable. Hanging in Howard’s studio was as much a dream come true as being on Big Brother for Matt! Continue reading

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Matt at Sirius/XM for Howard Stern’s Superfan Roundtable!

I’ll be live in-studio at Sirius this THURSDAY from 6-7PM CST for Howard Stern’s Superfan Roundtable!  Tune into channel 101 on Sirius or XM Satellite Radio and call in at 1-888-STERN-101!

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Reality Rally Apr 15-17: Matt Explains the Big Lie

Matt Hoffman is a cagey fellow. He flies below the radar. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to interview him. It’s all been said before and not many words were kind. Why rehash? As I was preparing to leave the Reality Rally Pit Party Saturday night, I took a shot. What I learned was illuminating, to say the least. Here we go…. Continue reading

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Post-Rally Updates!

Reality Rocks was a major success and raised over $500,000 for Michelle’s Place!  Incredible!  CLICK HERE for some behind-the-scenes dirt.  And CLICK HERE to see me being an idiot in a VERY drunken interview with Rob Cesternino and his wife.

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Reality Rally Recap – on “Live At The Studio”

Matt goes on to dish the real firsthand dirt on the drama that ensued at Reality Rally. And what’s the status on his alleged “war” with Sheila from Big Brother Season 9? Live At The Studio gets to the bottom of all that and much more! Continue reading

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Finally…some updates!

1) New press update! – CHECK IT. 2) I’ll be at Reality Rocks this weekend with RTVZone! – GO THERE. 3) Reality Rally the weekend after that! – DO IT.

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Matt and Stacy on “Night of the Living Podcast”

Matt was at the Horror Hound convention in Indianapolis where “Night of the Living Podcast” was broadcasting. We grabbed him and his wife Stacy for an amazing interview about his time on Big Brother and plenty of horror-genre talk! Continue reading

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Black Sunday (f/ Matt Hoffman) – “Almost Home”

Recently, I had the honor of working with the band Black Sunday on a studio track they were recording on behalf of the West Memphis Three. Black Sunday did an awesome job writing and arranging the song.  I did some

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Matt on Reality Radio

Unlike on Big Brother 12, Matt Hoffman actually shows his interesting side while he fills Deb, Pieman, and Myndrunner on his epic fails, choosing Kathy over Britt, and siding with the Blow-Gade over his showmance with Ragan. Continue reading

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Matt Hoffman voted “Biggest Scumbag of 2010″!

It is with great pride and distinction that Matt Hoffman lays claim to being voted “Biggest Scumbag of 2010″ by the reality television viewers. Tens of thousands have cast their vote, and Matt came out on top. At least he won something this summer! Continue reading

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Please help donate!

Hey, everyone!  We’re trying to raise money for the Reality Rally charity event.  If you can’t make it out to California, you can donate by clicking here.  It would be greatly appreciated, and it’s for an amazing cause to fight

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Guest Blogging for

I’ve been personally chosen to write guest blogs for the latest season of Bad Girls Club over on My first edition is up right now – CLICK HERE to check it out!

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Out with the old…

Sign up to be a part of the Reality Rally.  It’s for a great cause, and it’s a unique way to give back.  A road-rally for charity is way cooler than just writing a check! Oh, and did I mention

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I really do update!

New blog posted. Be like me and like what I like! Why not?! CHECK IT OUT

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We’re live, baby!

Welcome to the all-new GREMLIN CAVE! Thanks to the guys at Telegraphics, Inc for their contributions. I hope I’m able to offer you all that your little gremlin-loving hearts desire.  When I’m not lying about people with diseases, I’m actually

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Almost there!

Gearing up for the relaunch of!  Lots of blood, sweat, and tears were put into the site’s upgrade.  Well, not really tears.  I mean, c’mon – I’m no sissy. Nevertheless…should be done any day now.

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Radio Askew #85: Big Brother 12′s Matt Hoffman

This installment is our live interview from Monday, 11/7 with Big Brother 12′s diabolical super genius Matt Hoffman and featuring music from his band Shooting Blanks at the top and bottom of the show. Matt described this as possibility the last interview he will be doing. Was it that good or that bad? You decide. Continue reading

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