“Alice In Wonderland” Lawn Cutouts

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My daughter recently had an “Alice In Wonderland” themed birthday party.  Being the best dad on the planet and knowing my propensity for useless talents, I decided to try my hand at making lawn decorations to spice up the ambiance of the event…

I started with 4’x4′ sheets of 1/2″ medium density fiberboard (MDF):


Then, I found some pictures on the internet of the Wonderland crew and traced them out onto the boards.  Once traced, I used a standard jigsaw to cut the shapes of the characters:

03-saw 04-finished-cut

Next, it was time to prime them and begin the paint job.  For the main coloring, I just used standard exterior satin paint.  Paint isn’t cheap, so to save money I only bought a 4-5 quarts of basic colors, and then mixed up all the rest of the colors from those original few:

05-primed 06-mid-paint

I used 2″x2″ boards and standard t-hinges to create very simple stands to attach to the back of the characters:


Finally, I did a coat of clear sealant to protect from weathering as well as to make for easy cleaning if they got dirty.  This proved to be an invaluable step, as it did in fact downpour, AND some of the characters got knocked over into the subsequently muddy ground…however, they all ended up wiping off super easily, thanks to the final clear coat:


Here’s the final setup (pictures taken only minutes before the skies blackened and the rain came down):

party-01 party-02 party-03 party-04

Below is a shot of each of the final characters:


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  1. paula corb says:

    there is alot of talent and effort in there. what a great idea. I am sure it made the whole party and your daughbter must be overjoyed with her best dad in the world.

    • The Gremlin says:

      Thanks for the kind words! I’m going to show her this comment when she is a teenager and inevitably hates me. :-)

      • zeeshaan says:

        These are wonderful. I am planning a 1 yr olds wonderland theme party and desperately looking for buy the cutouts that you have made . Would you be willing to sell them at a reasonable price?

  2. Angela says:

    you’re the best dad ever ! Very talented. I hope to see you on BB again ! you were one of my favourite players who left way too soon.

  3. Sabrina Vanderford says:

    What a wonderful Dad you are to make her day so special! Something she will always remember! My neighbor also did Christmas cutouts for his yard and they were adorable….. maybe your next project! Hope to see you back, in All Stars.

  4. Arthur Tubbs says:

    Great Job Matt This was awesome Hope to see you in the next all stars season you rocked bb12

  5. stacey p says:

    WOW Matt they look amazing. What a lucky little girl. Maybe she will inherit your artistic talent. Hope to see you on BB again one day. Also love when your on RHAP..you always have great insight. Happy Belated Birthday to Hannah!!!!!!!

  6. Julie says:

    Would you consider selling these?

  7. Gail says:

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  8. brittani says:

    this is so perfect. may i buy these from you or rent them. lol. ( all seriousness though) my niece Dallas’s party is on saturday and the theme is Dallas in ONE-derland.

  9. Alma says:

    Your Alice in wonderland cut outs
    I would like to ask you if you are willing to sell them if you still have them please e-mail to let me lnow

  10. Cheri Knapp says:

    I would like to know do you sell the design print patterns? I am in a huge hurry to cut some out and get them painted pretty quick for my daughters birthday. it would help and save time.

  11. weedah says:

    Hi would you consider renting these for a birthday party of selling the design print pattern to cut? If so please email me ASAP. Thanks.

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