2-D Makeup Samples (updated 7/9/2014)

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All work here was done only with paints, creams, and eye shadows.


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  1. Geraldo says:

    Hey Bro, i can personally retale to what you’re saying, this was my main issue as well. I could go hard in the gym when I was there but easy to get distracted by temptations. If you don’t mind I’d like to address this in a video, I promise to keep you anonymous, I won’t mention who you are or anything like that. but anyways, now that I’m here there is a simple answer to all of it, so simple that it might not move you enough, but maybe it will.First, those temptations are natural, everyone has them. It all depends on your personality and temperament and what your weaknesses are. For some their weakness is women (Tyson), others it’s food (Riddick Bowe), and others it’s drugs and a tough life (Johnny Tapia), others it’s alcohol (Kelly Pavlik). Living a clean life is a difficult task for a fighter, fighters by nature are people of extremes, its part of why you are a fighter to begin with. Right now though, there are two reasons you will choose to party/drink/do drugs/skip training for a girl instead of doing what you should and that’s stay clean, get your sleep and get to the gym: 1) Somewhere in your mind you don’t really think it will affect you and that you’ll get by on natural ability. Who won the gold medal for your weight class this year? What do you think he was doing in the 6 months or even 4 years leading up to the olympics. If you think you can beat him partying and cutting corners then you might be in for a rude awakening. I know how you feel bro, I know how it is. I’m just saying, when the time comes to make these decisions on a daily basis, just picture the guy you need to beat and ask what you think he’s doing right now. He’s not partying I guarantee it. Then you gotta ask, how bad do I want it’?ok, Second. One reason you may decide to give in to temptation is that you don’t really believe in yourself as much as you think you do. If I were to present you with the opportunity to take a fight for a million dollars or party every night for the next month I’m sure you would take the fight and the money. But right now since nobody is making you any offers you feel like you have nothing to lose, but you have a lot to lose. The closer you get to something real where money, glory, success is on the line the more strict you will be. You won’t want to party because what you’ll have to lose will be right in front of you. If you believe that you can be great, and i believe you can, than you will know that you have a lot to lose for every bad decision. You just don’t know it yet. That drink may cost you $8 at the club, but after having enough drinks they start to add up, and you’ll miss a lot of opportunities. That $8 drink will turn out to be a $20,000 drink if you know what I mean. I promise you that by the time you reach 26 you will already have a sense of how far you can go in boxing. By that time women, alcohol, parties and drugs will still be waiting for you. They aren’t going anywhere, I promise you. But your skill as a boxer won’t be waiting, you’ll be chasing it hard for as long as you want it and maybe only being at your best for a brief moment in your life.

  2. on says:

    Spiritual Warfare: Knowing your enemy

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