Baby Demon (full-head)

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This is my first attempt at making a full head mask.  I used many of the principles that were already detailed in my Melting Mutant Face (half-head) post, so I will not be going over them again.

I sculpted this in water-based clay over a generic male headform.  The concept is supposed to be a baby who is mid-transformation into some sort of demon.

After building up a mold wall out of oil-based clay and creating the mold, I popped it open with a crowbar and started cleaning out the clay.  I had a LOT of flaws in my mold which I had to manually piece together with plaster.  Also, the teeth completely fell out and were useless.  This project is proof that anything is fixable (more on that later).

After fixing and cleaning the mold as best as I could, the latex was poured in.  When the final latex mask was pulled, there were large air bubbles throughout (which you can probably see around the mouth/chin area in the raw pictures above).  I also had some pretty noticeable seams from where the two halves of the mold met.

All of the latex flaws were filled with a mixture of latex and Cab-O-Sil (be careful with this stuff…very toxic! Wear a ventilation mask!), stirred together until at a pasty consistency and then smeared on.  The flashing was cut with scissors as best as possible, and then I used a rotary tool (with sanding bit) to smooth it further.  Any other flaws were fixed with the latex/Cab-O-Sil mixture.

This was like two paint jobs in one, because I was painting a human side and a creature side.  The paint job that I did served to cover up most of the rest of the major flaws.   Paint techniques included a combination of splatter/flicker, airbrush, and hand-paint.

For finishing touches, I sculpted the missing fangs out of Sculpey clay and adhered them with epoxy.  I also used epoxy to add a gloss to the eyes, nose, and mouth.


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