Foam Skull Head

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Hoff-O-Ween Foam Head

This is a simple effect that I honestly didn’t think would turn out as good as it did when I was thinking about giving it a shot.

I bought a foam head from a local Sally Beauty for less than $4.00.  Then I used a Dremel rotary tool to carve it into a decayed skull shape.

Once I had the form, I laid thin (pulled-apart) pieces of Halloween spider webbing on top of the skull, and painted on a layer of liquid latex to keep it all stuck together, and to give it a bit of a mummified effect.

Finally, I airbrushed on some acrylic paint for detail (although if you don’t have an airbrush, I suspect that light, misted coats of spray paint would work).  The entire process took me less than a half hour (outside of the overnight drying time for the latex), and cost me virtually nothing. Great, cheap effect for the holiday season!


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