Custom Zombie Dentures

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I’ve probably bought no less than 20 sets of fake teeth over the years.  All of them were highly overpriced, mass-produced, and allegedly “custom fitted”, which really just means they come with a thin strip of wax that is supposed to form the shape of your teeth (but you really only get a handful of uses out of them).  I wanted to make a one-of-a-kind custom piece that was fitted to my own teeth and would have (theoretically) unlimited use.

I started by making a mold of my teeth with pink dental alginate.  The discoloration on the majority of the right side of the paper towel that you can see in the first picture above is from me drooling all over the place while the mold was in my mouth.  I would guess that I was looking fantastic at the time. Once I had my dental impression, I made a cast (and a base) with Ultracal 30, and that’s what you see hardening in that first picture as well.

After applying a few layers of Alcote Separator to the cast (which is the translucent pink color that you see on many of the cast pictures), I arranged the teeth onto the cast in the position that I wanted them using dental wax.  I used a stock set of acrylic human-style teeth, but I shaped them to my liking with a rotary tool.  Once the teeth were arranged, I slowly built up layers of pink dental acrylic powder mixed with dental monomer to create the shape of the gums that I wanted.

Once everything was shaped and hardened, I smoothed and softened the edges until it fit comfortably back in my mouth.  Then I used Skin Illustrator alcohol-activated paints to color the dentures, followed by a clear acrylic coating to seal and gloss them.



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  1. Phil says:

    I swear this dude is extremely talented, one of the best BB players, very musical, extremely smart, quite musical is there anything Hoffman cant do

  2. The Gremlin says:

    Thanks, my man! :-)

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