What ‘Dynamic Duos’ Should Return to ‘Big Brother’ This Season?

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By now, you’ve heard the big twist with the new season of Big Brother: Eight new houseguests will be joined by “some of the most dynamic duos from the show’s history.” Everyone is already talking about their favorite possibilities (Jeff and Jordan, Team Chilltown) and their least favorite (“Evel” Dick and Daniele, the Brendon/Rachel crazy train of love and lies). Over at Big Brother‘s website, you can even vote on some famous duos…although those votes don’t seem to really matter, since CBS has presumably already social-engineered the Big Brother 13 cast to include maximum drama/idiocy. But I’d like to propose my own favorite duo. They’re not in a relationship, and they don’t have an exciting name, but in their own way they were both dynamic competitors. I’m talking about Matt and Ragan from season 12.

Now, a quick recap: Matt and Ragan were the very best of friends. Ragan was the funny, compassionate, proud gay college professor who mostly eschewed gameplay backstabbery — even when he became the Saboteur, most of his chicanery was all in good fun. But Ragan wasn’t some lame nice guy — his shouting match with Rachel is one of the great throwdowns in Big Brother history. Matt was a self-described “maniacal supergenius” utterly incapable of telling the truth about anything. (He infamously claimed his wife had a debilitating disease.) The thing is, Matt actually was a brilliant strategist: At one point, he essentially had two separate alliances, having entangled the whole house in a web of lies. All that, and he was ridiculously good at challenges! True, he was basically a wannabe supervillain, but Matt brought an indelible sparkle to season 12 — the house was noticeably lamer without him around.

True, Matt and Ragan might not be a “duo” in the same sense as past showmances or Team Chilltown. (Ragan certainly didn’t seem happy to learn that everything Matt had ever told him was a lie.) But that’s what would make them such a fun addition to the house. On one hand, they wouldn’t be immediately loyal to each other; on the other hand, they would probably have to pair up at first, if only to give them both more voting power. On their own, they’re both good players in very different ways; if they could put aside their differences, they could be monstrously powerful.

So that’s my vote for a returning Big Brother dynamic duo. Viewers, who would you like to see return to the house of horrors?


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  1. cerese says:

    I loved brittnany and ragan as a team they were my favorite from BB 12.

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