Black Sunday (f/ Matt Hoffman) – “Almost Home”

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Recently, I had the honor of working with the band Black Sunday on a studio track they were recording on behalf of the West Memphis Three.

Black Sunday did an awesome job writing and arranging the song.  I did some guitar and vocal work on it, and also along for the ride were Travis Brown (from Chicago’s Split Habit) and Chicago music legend Mike Felumlee (formerly of Alkaline Trio and The Smoking Popes)!

CLICK HERE to listen to it on YouTube, used as a backdrop for a video about the WM3.  If you dig it, click here for a FREE download!


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  1. al sanchez says:

    loved the song. will be watching closely to see what happpens. as always, the best to you and stacy and your loved ones. hope to see you on tv again soon.
    you da bestest man!

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