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Matt HoffmanAn original member of the house’s strongest alliance, Matt was unable to save himself from the chopping block after he was caught playing too many sides of the game. We caught up with the 32-year-old Illinois native to talk about his time in the house, and where it all went wrong.

You said that you had a feeling that your time with the Brigade was limited. Knowing that, why didn’t you try to form another alliance with Britney, Ragan and Brendon?
“Britney is the most devious player in the game. I wouldn’t want to align with anyone like that. Brendon, no matter what he would tell me, I would never have been able to trust him. Ragan and I by ourselves would not have been a power house couple in the game.”

Part of your game plan was lying about your wife having a serious medical condition. Do you feel that it actually got you further in the game?
“My wife’s condition absolutely got me further in the game in the sense that it made me more human to the other characters. It made people want to bond with me on another level. In the end, if I had made it, that lie is what would have gotten me the money.”

What made you throw Ragan under the bus?
“Purely necessity. I was on my last leg of options. I tried to do it as subtly as possible. It is not something I wanted to do; it is something I had to do.”

Why didn’t you tell the others about the existence of the Brigade, especially after confronted with it by Ragan?
“I did tell him to look out for Lane, Enzo and Hayden once I knew my time was up. I didn’t explain the Brigade in its entirety and details but when I knew I was toast in the game I made sure that Ragan knew who his targets should be.”

If you had to repeat the experience, would you still have joined an alliance so quickly?
“Absolutely! I think joining into the Brigade was one of the better moves in the game. I would have liked to have chosen stronger physical competitors. But in the beginning, you can’t predict that. Forming an early alliance was not a bad move at all.”

What was your favorite part of the Big Brother experience?
“My favorite moment in the Big Brother house was Lane experiencing his phone call from home. Even though it wasn’t my family and my experiences it was very relatable and was a much needed warm feeling at that time.”

What did you struggle with most during your time in the house?
“My greatest struggle was missing my wife and my parents and also the battle of conscience regarding Ragan and not being able to tell him that my true allegiance was with the Brigade even though my truest friendship was with Ragan.”

Do you think that you could have done anything differently to save yourself from eviction?
“There is nothing I could have done to save myself once I was on the block. Had I competed stronger in the competition for HOH I never would have been on the block in the first place.”

What will you do now that you’ve left?
“My goal is to go back to my normal life. I want to start working and making money. I want to live a normal life. I would like to keep playing music.”


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