Big Brother 12′s Matt Hoffman Shows Off His Penis Bulge In Unitard!

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As punishment for losing last weeks veto competition Kristen was forced to wear a tie-dye unitard for the week. That was until Matt decided he wanted to try it on, and boy are we here at The Daily Bulge glad he did! Thanks to Matt’s decision we get to see that bulge it seems that he’s always playing with whenever you watch the show. He’s always got one hand holding a drink or picking his nose and the other hand down his pants playing with his penis. Why do guys do that!? Anyways – now we get some idea of what he’s playing with.


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  1. Imrichard2 says:

    I knew it! As cool as You are-You just had to have exlarge junk!!!!

  2. HoustonAL says:

    What ya wearing under that unitard Matt? Boxers, briefs, thong, or commando?

  3. Hamizah says:

    while there is promiscuity in the gay ctnimomuy, there is 90 times more of it in the straight soon as you get all heteros to live with monogamy, then and only then can you insist on it in the gay ctnimomuy.

  4. Yeah, that’s the ticket, sir or ma’am

  5. With respect, whether the Covenant is not yet signed, or is never signed, at this point irrelevant to the point that +Foster is making. It is the equivalent of the old joke involving the PB, the Buddha statue on the altar, and the naked liturgical dancers, with the punchline by the last remaining conservative: “Just one more thing, and I am out of here.” If you have not yet departed TEC, you need to have that “one more thing” firmly defined in your mind. Otherwise, no matter what you want to believe, you are in denial.

  6. http://www./ says:

    “So what happened to the biblical era Jews of Israel and their descendants?”The only correct answer is that we simply don’t care. The Jews of today are probably NOT the true genetic descendants of the original mass murdering criminals of Old Testament fame. In their own minds, the jews of today probably DO believe that they were hatched from the poisonous seed of Abraham and his demented god. It is the belief itself, irrespective of whether it’s true or not, that represents a direct threat to everybody else.

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