‘Big Brother 12′s’ Matt Had To Postpone Doing ‘Big Brother’ For His Wedding (video below)

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matt-hoffman-big-brother-12Meet Matt Hoffman, a web designer from Chicago who is one of the newest hamsters on “Big Brother 12.” He tells Zap2it about how “Big Brother” has always been a goal of his (though he wouldn’t skip his wedding for it!) and what his strategy will be in the house. Also — there is some not-suitable-for-children language, so be warned.

Matt has been applying for “Big Brother” since Season 2 and he finally now is going to be a part of the show. “So kids, follow your dreams!” he laughs. “It’s just a passion of mine … this is it, this is the show that I wanted to be on.”

His favorite contestants of all time are Dan from “Big Brother 11″ and Eric, America’s player, because they played good social games. “They played a social game, but … they knew everything that was going on and they were steps ahead.”

Chima tops the list of Matt’s least favorite players because of her squandering of such an opportunity. He also was not a Jordan fan from last year because she was a tag-along.

Finally, Matt’s strategy is to “make sure to have a one-on-one or a small group conversation with every single person in that house” within the first 24 hours so that he can have an already-established relationship with whomever wins the first HOH.

Matt also told us off camera that he was supposed to be a cast member for “Big Brother 11,” but that the finale date coincided with his wedding, so he had to back out. But luckily they decided they wanted him for this season!


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