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Chicago, IL




The premiere of Reality Gamemasters is here, where you can see how well I fare amongst reality television’s most strategic masterminds at an intense game of Risk!

Watch the episodes and get more info at or from this YouTube playlist full of other bonus material!


I decided to get somewhat motivated and post some updates.  For starters, you can check out a great Celebrity Apprentice podcast that I did with Rob Cesternino.  Also, I’ve posted a lot more art/makeup pieces in the Creative Gallery.

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My appearance as Reverend Hoff on the season finale of My Fair Wedding will be airing on this Saturday, December 15th at 9PM EST/8PM CST on the WE Network.  More over-hyping of this landmark event can be found HERE.


Hey, experienced parents - do you think this is okay to put on my daughter, or will she burst into flames? #NewDad

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who said it?

Rob Cesternino is both the host and the mastermind behind the first ever $25.00 PyRHAPmid! Watch Matt and fellow Big Brother alumni Ian Terry partner up with a couple of superfans to help them win Big Brother Live Feed access for the entire summer! Continue reading


Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water… or drive a car… or be in your house – Here comes the Syfy original film, “Sharknado”! Matt is joined by friend and podcaster-extraordinaire Rob Cesternino to discuss the summer film which is taking the world BY STORM!!! Continue reading


Matt joins friend and podcaster-extraordinaire Rob Cesternino to discuss the latest episode of “Celebrity Apprentice”. Matt also takes questions from the audience. Continue reading


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On The Red Carpet interview

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So You Have A Girlfriend segment

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I have been writing, recording, and playing music for half of my life. The vast majority of my musical career was with the band Shooting Blanks. You can buy our old CDs at, and you can also follow us on Facebook.

Here are some free downloads of solo material I have done. These are just demos that I recorded at my home. These also sound nothing like Shooting Blanks, so if you think that band is horrible, give this a shot.


You can see a number of our music videos here. More can be found on the Shooting Blanks website.

Here's the vitals...

Here's the vitals...


Name: Matt Hoffman

Birthday: July 31st, 1977
                      (don't forget!)

Current Residence: Elgin, IL

Occupation: Full-time web analyst / part-time media whore


Matt Hoffman was a contestant on the 12th season of CBS's reality competition television show, Big Brother. He became a notorious villain that viewers of the program either loved to hate or hated to love. Now Matt is fighting off paparazzi and living out his Z-List life with his wife Stacy in the suburbs of Chicago.

This site will most certainly be a haven for any Matt stalkers, as it is your one-stop resource for all press clippings, interviews, videos, and new projects that he will be working on.

Soak it all in, Matt superfans!...This site's for you!!!